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   T elemedicine - Services

What are the services that we provide ?

Why do you need the services of a consultant ?

Why do you  need TeleMedConsultant ?

What are the services that we provide?
 We provide to your town, hospital, medical college, nursing home, clinic, dispensary or medical  Institute the following services:

Applicability study and report
Feasibility study and report

Plan of Action and selection of appropriate technologySupply of Software from our partners 
Supply of hardware and comm technology from our partners
Execution of projects 
Training of user population on technology
Supply of trained technical manpower
Supply of trained medical manpower
Operational management
Up gradation 
Reactivation of failed projects 
Interoperability options


 Need consultancy in verticals like EMR, EHR, PHR, CDSS or the entire gamut of Healthcare Informatics? Simple, go to HCIT Consultant

Why do you require a consultant?
    Telemedicine is at the cutting edge of technology where the frontiers are confusing, blurred or unknown. There are many companies in the fray and most concentrate on only niche applications. Each one can provide to you only what they have and mostly as a pre packaged bundle. They generally assess your requirements by what they feel they can sell to you rather than what you actually require. Their sales rep spouts  a lot  of technical jargon, confusing you completely, ending with the standard one-liner  "We know what is best for you". Many of these companies have IT techs with low or negligible medical background. World over there have been and will continue to be, reports of purchase of Hi tech equipment which have rusted away in a cellar because of lack of technical manpower, spares, or just incorrect selection. Bottom line - The company  with its negotiating skills would have made its sale, but the confused buyer is left holding the baby. Not to be forgotten is the exorbitant price he paid for it ! Remember, a successful telemedicine is not just hardware... It is a intelligent synergy of hardware, software, middleware, manware and lessonware.
     Telemedicine applications can be very powerful tools of social emancipation as well as profit generators; they are, however, generally, expensive to setup. Therefore, one should never make the  error of falling for sales talk, because of inadequate inputs, in this highly technical field (to be frank , how do you expect a doctor to be a whiz at IT?). 
    This is where a consultant comes in. He is well versed with the technology available in the market and he (not being affiliated to any single company),  will be able to give to you an honest report using a combination of the best and most practical technologies relevant to YOU or your company. He will be YOUR man negotiating with THEM for the best that YOU need.

BPO the money saving mantra: Today most businesses are striving hard to lower their input costs. The latest tool is BPO or Business Process Outsourcing. In simple words it is cheaper and easier to hire outside experts to carry out your vital (but non-core) business requirements rather than be saddled with a department (and the consequent problems) for the same. An example would be a medium level business house, hiring staff cars on requirement rather than maintaining its own fleet. Look at the flexibility, freedom and savings (in cash and kind) it offers. Hiring a Consultant who offers "turnkey" services offers the same advantages. For telemedicine, Telemedconsultant is THE answer.

Why do you need TeleMedConsultant ?
Consultants are a dime a dozen. Any individual who completes a two bit computer course decides to setup a consultancy. At the other end of the spectrum are huge multinationals, with bloated budgets,  over paid CEOs and a massive staff . They specialize in killer presentations and talk about costs running  into millions of dollars, at the drop of a hat. The dotcom crash has knocked the bottom of hundreds of such companies, but many still continue, oblivious to the fact that their account registers are running red. Who pays for their lavish life style ?- of course you, the gullible customer.
   Medical IT and telemedicine is not just a matter of slinging together hardware and software. Any Tom, Dick or Harry can make a few screens, databases, queries and reports and string them together. But do they understand the psyche of a doctor? Can they design an application that understands the needs of a doctor? Do they include ergonomy in SW design to ensure high efficiency? Are they using the most appropriate communication link? There are hundreds of such crucial questions to be answered. We must realize that
medicine is a science which is best practiced as an art. The IT requirements of medical institutions are very different from those of  financial, business or other institutions. Special care has to be given to application of ergonomics, work flow and medical logic which (unlike business logic) can, to the untrained observer, be very illogical and sometimes even contradictory. Next, check out their experts, how many of them actually know about the travails of medical practice? Ask how many employ, fulltime, a doctor with a good background of IT (who contributes to the design process and is not just a figure head) and almost 90% will have no answer. Ask the remaining 10% if they have doctors with years of medical practice,  years of experience as a deft programmer along with hands on experience in telemedicine and you will probably have only TeleMedConsultant left standing in the fray. 
    We, no doubt, have  many (what our competitors will call) unfair advantages:

We are lean and mean with no lard abegging for larger budgets.

We have  military like discipline, punctuality, hard work and intelligence built-in.

We have a medical doctor cum programmer with years of IT and telemedicine experience.

We don't have overpaid staff or high overheads hence our estimates do not give you  cardiac arrhythmias.

We are not affiliated to any company, hence will be working for YOUR benefit. 

Our enthusiasm to work for the advancement of telemedicine coupled with our reasonable estimates puts us at risk of being labeled a non-profit organization.


You can hire our services starting at as low as US $ 290 per hour*!

Need more for less? Enquire about our extremely low block rates*.

Bottom line, you need us, we are there for you - so call us NOW at +91 - 9970921266 or +91-20-32345045

*Conditions apply

for further information please email telemedconsultant or click here 


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