"Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management",Intercontinental Dubai,

Event Date: 8-9 May 2006  
Location: Intercontinental Dubai, UAE

Key Topics:

 Insurance as an additional revenue source Medical technology within the healthcare system: A brief history and how to acquire and manage it Healthcare Financing - Putting the Branding in healthcare : Why is it different Outsourcing - Should We or Shouldn't We ?

Key Features
  • Use technology as a leverage to better operation performance
  • Learn about the benefits of branding
  • Access the insurance payment cycle
  • Gain insights into the operation of leading hospitals to compete in globalised world

Event Summary:

 Demand for healthcare is rising with millions of dollars spent in establishing specialized hospitals and clinics, expanding existing facilities and adopting world-class technology. Meanwhile a fast-changing regulatory environment and pressure to improve quality, safety and access are driving an extraordinary set of transformation across the industry. As reimbursement rates shrink and cost rise, effective revenue management is becoming increasing critical for hospital survival. This pragmatic strategic-driven conference brings together industry experts and experienced practitioners who will highlight their key practices and successes in streamlining their    business operations and maximizing business values.  

Dr Lavanian spoke on:

Telemedicine the future of healthcare in the Middle East?