Medi-IT Asia,  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

The Apollo Telemedicine Networking Foundation team headed by Dr Lavanian and supported by Ms Vanitha, Hardware engineer and Mr Srinivasa Reddy, Software Engineer were invited to demonstrate the latest cutting edge advances in telemedicine at the Medi-IT Asia held on 26th and the 27th of May 2005 at the Ritz Carlton Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Dr Lavanian began by speaking on 'Telemedicine and Telehealth - Bridging the healthcare divide' this was followed by a live demonstration of telemedicine where they simultaenously connected to Hyderabad and Chennai, India through the Telemedicine application 'Medintegra Web' and spoke to the doctors there. The data and secure EMR capabilities of the Telemedicine application were then demonstrated live. The session concluded with Dr Lavanian taking part in an animated Q&A session. 

The symposium focused on 'Improving the efficiency and quality of care by addressing the latest issues in e-health' and was attended by key decision makers in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical community like Chief Executive Officers (CEOs), Chief Information Officers (CIOs), Chief Medical Officers, Chief Financial Officers (CFOs), Chief Operating Officers (COOs), Directors, Managing Directors (MDs), Vice Presidents (VPs), Managers, Consultants and Heads of:

  • Information Systems 

  • Operations

  • MIS 

  • Pharmacy

  • Informatics 

  • Electronics Medical Records

  • Telemedicine & Telehealth 

  • Strategic Planning

  • Nursing 

  • Decision Support

  • Admission 

  • Financial Analysis

From the following industries:

  • Public Health Departments 

  • Government Departments

  • Community Health Services 

  • Pathology and Radiology Labs

  • Healthcare and Pharmaceutical 

  • Healthcare ICT solution providers

  • Healthcare and Informatics Associations

  • Divisions of General Practice and GP clinics

  • Hospitals includes pharmacy, pathology & radiology in hospitals

The eminent panel of speakers were:

  • Datuk Dr Haji Mohd Ismail Merican
    Director General
    Ministry of Health, Malaysia.

  • Dr HM Goh 
    Asia Pacific Association for Medical Informatics

  • Klaus D Veil Chairman
    HL7 Australia

  • Dr. NT Cheung Executive Manager
    Hospital Authority, Hong Kong

  • Dr. R D Lele
    Director of Nuclear Medicine
    Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre, India

  • Dr. D Lavanian 
    Business Manager - Telemedicine
    Apollo Hospitals, India

  • Dr. Chew Then Ming
    Consultant for Pediatric and Neonatal Selayang Hospital, 
    Malaysia Pang Huey Ling Project Manager
    Changi General Hospital

  • S V Rao 
    Project Engineer 
    Institute for Infocomm Research, Singapore

  • Choi Jong Soo 
    Project Manager
    Samsung Medical Centre, Korea

  • Dr Chow Yuen Ho 
    Head of Health Informatics
    Singapore General Hospital

  • David Ng, 
    Emerging Technology Sales Manager - Asia
    South Pacific
    Juniper Networks, Hong Kong

  • Peter Apostolopoulos
    Principal Consultant
    NCS, Singapore

  • Steven Chew 
    Project Manager
    Hambantota Hospital, Sri Lanka

    This was a Marcus Evans Conference